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About Us

"We are committed to meeting the needs of you & your loved ones"

Old Friends

Our mission is to uphold our four ideals for elderly care:







Raquel Paras, RN


License #366425794

Clover Home Care began with my mother

and father who wanted to start a family

business by helping others. They are

generous and warm-hearted people who

wanted to give back. Coming from a poor

family and struggling upbringing, caring

for others has always been their best trait. I wanted to set an example and follow in their footsteps. Taking over the family business was going to be difficult but I knew that being in healthcare was always a part of me. Being a nurse in inpatient care has given me skills and the empathy that will always reflect the kind of person I am and what I want to taking care of the elderly. Compassion and caring for others is what we live by at Clover Home Care.

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